Old School to Cloud Based

A blog by Callum Scott

For a long time now, we have worked with clients who complete old fashioned manual bookkeeping tasks including manually entering bank statement information into our accounts system and working through a handwritten cashbook. This was very time consuming, however at the time, before the wider introduction of cloud-based accounting methods, it felt like the best way to make sure we got all the information in the right place as accurately as possible.

I have been working closely with one of our clients for almost a year and we have been discussing switching over their bookkeeping system to a cloud-based system with the view of improving the current setup, and we have now made the decision to use QuickBooks.

Old School to Cloud Based

At first, the client was apprehensive and really wasn’t sure about making the switch. The most common concern I have heard from clients considering making the change are:

“Why would I need to when what I currently do works just fine?”

“I’m not that confident on the computer”

“Surely this will cost more than just using excel or physical documents”

Whilst completely valid concerns, there are so many advantages to using cloud-based software and all members of staff at Gascoynes are always available to make the transition easier and to help with any day-to-day queries on a number of different software.

  • Saves time with automation
  • Work from anywhere that has an internet connection
  • Up to date, real time data
  • Keeps your information secure
  • Simple to use
  • Can be accessed by multiple users with different levels of permission
  • Software is consistently updated, and new functions are added from feedback from the users

We also provide QuickBooks training if this is the software our client has chosen.

In addition to this, switching to a cloud-based system really allows the client to use real time figures provided by the new system to better understand how his business is working and make decisions which will ultimately lead to the client feeling more in control of his business and how its functioning day-to-day.

To help the client make this decision, I was able to complete many online demos. This made them feel much more comfortable when making the switch as they were able to understand the software prior to signing up. To this day I am still providing support and answering any questions they may have regarding the everyday use of the software.

Perfromance Overview

The client has been on QuickBooks for a few months and can safely say the move across to cloud software has only been positive. They are now much less stressed about keeping their books and records up to date and in order and can spend more time using the online software to make useful decisions with real time data.

They have even boasted that their debt collection period has improved by about 15 days meaning they will have to spend less time chasing in sales and more time moving forward with their business.

With Making Tax Digital and Income Tax Self-Assessment coming into play as of April 2024 there is never a better time to be getting your books in order and future-proofing your business.

One of our Directors, Ashley will be giving their insight to MTD ITSA in his latest blog which is available on the website now.

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