How Can I Check My Business Health?

A blog by Ashley MacDonald

When was the last time you stopped to review your business? Is it something you do often? Or are you like many others that purely concentrate on being as busy as you can be and keeping an eye on the bank balance?

Business Health checks are becoming ever more popular with our clients and businesses in general. Its an opportunity to sit down review the business and figure out what, if any action is required to get you to where you want to be. But what is a business health check, what does it entail and what can you expect?

How Can I Check My Business Health?

I haven’t got time!

Possibly the most important step of this process is stopping work or setting aside time to switch everything off and review your business too many times will these meetings be pushed back or cancelled because people are too busy but what we do find is those that take this time to look in to their business come out with a heightened sense of focus for their business, a revitalised energy and a plan on how to achieve their goals.

Where can I go for a business health check?

At Gascoynes we offer our clients a pre-year end check. This doesn’t have to be a huge meeting discussing figures and plotting the businesses future for the next 10 years. A lot of our clients want to ensure they are making the most of tax incentives, pension allowances and planning their tax liabilities.

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So, what should you go into the meeting with?

The best starting point is to have your books and records up to date, this gives us the best chance to review real time information and comment appropriately on the businesses recent results.

You should also come to the meeting with an idea of what you want from the business or an open mind to think about the future of the business.

What are you looking for? Have an expectation of what you want from the meeting, if you have queries, concerns about the business these need to be raised and ideally a solution found.

Do you set goals?

One of the best parts of my job is listening to clients and learning about their business. People tend to be very passionate about their own businesses, and rightfully so. A lot of them have big plans or at least they did at the start.

I personally encourage clients to set goals and targets and by doing so I find it a lot easier to focus on a result and work on how to get there. There are so many questions that you should be asking yourself as a business owner on a regular basis but reviewing

Interested to know more?

If you would be interested in a business health check then why not contact us and make an appointment today.

You can email your client manager or call us today on 01284 755956 or 01953 438450

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